Buying Land in Zambia

There are only two types of tenure in Zambia. These are leasehold and customary tenure.

The leasehold tenure runs for 99 years and is renewable for further 99 years. Further renewal possible if there is no breach of the conditions in the existing agreement. Land in the customary area can be converted to leasehold with consent of the area Chief.



Any Zambian citizen with an National Registration Card can own land

Non- Zambian

  • He / She is a permanent resident in Zambia
  • He / She is an investor within the meaning of the ZDA Act or any other law permitting investment in Zambia
  • In exceptional cases, by Presidential consent in writing
  • A person registers a company under the Companies Act, with no less than 75% Zambian shareholding.

Statutory Fees

  • Consent to assign is charged at ZMK 333.36
  • Property Transfer Tax is currently charged at 5% of the value paid to Zambia Revenue Authority by the Vendor
  • Registration - 1% of the value paid to Lands and Deeds Registry before the lease is registered and certificate issued

Before Buying Land

  • Verify the copy of title with Ministry of Lands customer center.
  • Beacon verification by a private or government surveyor. This will help you identify correct location and dimensions of the land.
  • Verifying the sellers I.D is another important part when purchasing land.

After Buying Land

Based on the terms of the title you'll be required to build a structure within a stated time frame.